Reformation Study Course

First published in 1972, the Reformation Study Course has gone all over the world, presenting the core issues of Adventism and Reformation. The student is invited to test the assumptions and the documentation in the light of the Holy Scriptures.

The underlying question is, "How can a body of believers be ready to face the most severe test of all time, described in the Scriptures as the time of Jacob's trouble, if it cannot uphold the fundamental law of the universe in smaller tests?" This is not to criticize or accuse but to be realistic about the importance of today's "quizzes" and their purpose in the preparation for tomorrow's final test.

Certainly that test will reveal who constitute the "dross" and who make up the "gold" when the world situation gets hot. Loyalty is at issue here, and what is coming will show where everyone's loyalty lies–in reality. There won't be any hiding it then, so now is the time to practice complete honesty and transparency in the quizzes. Divinity linked with humanity is how the great Redeemer overcame the wicked one, and it's the same now.

The PDF file contains two sets of questionnaires at the end of the 20 lessons; the first set contains just the questions; the second set, the questions and answers. Feel free to print the pages you wish.

If you would like to take the Course online, click on the link to the Canadian Field and then on "Reformation Course" on the left side of the home page. You can fill out the questionnaire for each lesson online and submit it for review.

God bless your walk with Him and your search for truth!