Leadership Seminar Workbook–"Victory in Christ"

The Leadership Seminar Workbook was originally prepared for the International Youth Conference and Leadership Seminar held in Portland, Maine, in 2013.

Now it has been adapted for broader use and can be downloaded and printed without copyright permission as long as the entire booklet is used.

The Workbook is appropriate for young people of all ages. It contains materials for seven seminar sessions as well as worship services, services, and one Sabbath service. It is appropriate for both large and small gatherings.

A central part of the program is the formation of teams, each of which examines the life of one of eight characters in the Bible to see how he did or did not apply the universal principles covered in the seminar. This also gives the participants the opportunity to practice the principles themselves during the preparation and presentations.

The General Conference Youth Department encourages the use of this material for the benefit of the young people and the church everywhere. All praise, honor, and glory be to the God of heaven, from whom victory comes.