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Margie Holmstroem Seely writes about her grandmother's courage when her husband's life is taken and she, her children, and other family members are caught between the Nazis and the Communists in Estonia during World War II. This gripping story has applications for everyone, even those living in places where there is no danger or strife. The book has 24 pages of pictures.

Margie writes: "It is my hope and prayer that the story told on these pages will not just be another biography pulled from the dusty annals of history but a living testimony to the love and power of a mighty God as displayed in the simple life of one woman dedicated to Him. It is my hope and prayer that it will challenge you to give your all to the same God my grandmother served, because God has a beautiful story He wants to write in your life as well."

The message is real: God alone can and will make sense of what happens in this world and will finish the world's history when He is ready. You can purchase this book by clicking here or by clicking on the Store tab above.


New magazines

Two magazines already available in English can now be purchased in Spanish as well.

El Toque de Amor (The Touch of Love), a 32-page illustrated magazine, tells the story of Jesus' birth and mission through excerpts taken from The Desire of Ages, by Ellen G. White. No message is more important or more wonderful than this one.







Everyone faces the same thing–the end of life–so it is important to take the time to search for understanding about life and death issues. Un Amor más Fuerte que la Muerte (A Love Stronger Than Death) answers questions about the mysteries of death, according to the sacred Scriptures. What happens when we die? What hope is there when one leaves behind the sorrows and joys of this life? Is there an eternity? If so, what will it be like? The illustrated magazine has 32 pages.

These and many other magazines offered by RLPA are excellent for reaching out to those who ask the most important questions for every human being on earth. See the Store for quantity discounts, and stock up so you are equipped to share the precious promises that you know and believe.