The SDA Reformation of 1914–DVD

The SDA Church Reform Movement traces its heritage back to the Advent Movement of 1844. It preaches the three angels’ messages throughout the world and strives to uphold the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our every endeavor is to warn the world and prepare a people for His soon coming. This video presentation takes you step by step through the development of the Reform Movement, which came out of the crisis of World War I and organized to uplift the beliefs and standards of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

This production contains more than 200 slides with commentary and photographs of Advent pioneers and important events in church history. Highlights include:

  • Significant events before and after 1888
  • Laodicea and the Shaking 
  • The Christian and War
  • The Remnant

Source materials this documentary examines include:

  • The Holy Scriptures 
  • Spirit of Prophecy statements 
  • Important out-of-print documents
  • Original photographs from six continents

Prepared by Henry Dering, 74 minutes