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Picture-Second Coming

Picture-Jesus' second coming
Revelation 7:17; 8:1

Picture-Seven-Headed Beast

Picture-Seven-headed beast from the sea
Revelation 13:1, 2

Picture-Sixth Seal

Picture-Sixth seal (earthquake, signs in sun, moon, stars)
Revelation 6:12, 13

Picture-Sixth Seal-Heaven Rolling Back

Picture-Sixth seal (heaven rolling back as a scroll)
Revelation 6:14

Picture-Toes of Iron and Clay

Picture-Ten toes of iron and clay
Daniel 2:33

Picture-Beast from the Earth

Picture-Beast from the earth
Revelation 13:11

Picture-White Horse

Picture-White horse of first seal
Revelation 6:1, 2

Picture-Souls under the Altar

Picture-Souls under the altar of fifth seal
Revelation 6:9-11

Picture-Terrible Beast

Picture-Terrible beast
Daniel 7:7

Picture-Woman Clothed with the Sun

Picture-Woman clothed with the sun
Revelation 12:1-4