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Picture-Stone of Daniel 2

Picture-Stone striking image of Daniel 2 on the feet
Daniel 2:34

Picture-Fire from Heaven

Picture-Fire from heaven
Revelation 13:13

Picture-Goat with 4 Horns

Picture-Goat with 4 horns and little horn
Daniel 8:8, 9

Picture-Male Goat with Notable Horn

Picture-Male goat with notable horn
Daniel 8:5

Picture-Wounded Head

Picture-Head wounded as if to death
Revelation 13:3

Picture-Holy Place and Most Holy Place

Picture-Holy Place and Most Holy Place of the sanctuary

Picture-1000 Years

Picture-1,000 years (millennium)
Revelation 20


Picture-Scene of the judgment
Daniel 7:9, 10


Picture-Third beast-leopard
Daniel 7:6


Picture-First beast-lion
Daniel 7:4