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Messengers of Light

Voices of victory proclaiming freedomthe three angels' messages and the judgment

We Have This Hope

The hope presented in the Bible of Jesus' return

Amazing Prophecies

Explanations of the prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation

America, Superpower of Prophecy

Excerpts from The Great Controversy

The Power of His Passion

Excerpted from The Desire of Ages on the mission and sacrifice of Jesus
By E.G. White

The Touch of Love

Excerpted from The Desire of Ages on the birth and mission of Jesus
By E.G. White

Whispers of His Love

A Father's priceless gifthow God dealt with and will finish the sin problem

Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing–Magazine

Lessons from Jesus' sermon on the mount

Peace Above the Storm - Magazine

Freedom from worry, guilt, and fear

Steps to Christ

Steps to Christ in full-color magazine

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