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Picture-3 Angels

Picture-3 angels
Revelation 14:6-12

Picture-10 Toes-Tribes

Picture-Map of Western Europe showing areas of ten tribes
Daniel 2:33

Picture-666-Triple Crown

Triple crown of papacy with explanation of number 666
Revelation 13:18

Picture-2,300 Days

Picture-2,300 days
Daniel 8:14; 9:24-27

Picture-Ark in Sanctuary

Picture-High Priest before the ark in the sanctuary

Picture-Baptism of Jesus

Picture-Baptism of Jesus
Matthew 3:13-17

Picture-Babylon the Great

Picture-Babylon the great
Revelation 17:1-6


Picture-Second beast-bear
Daniel 7:5

Picture-Black Horse

Picture-Black horse of third seal
Revelation 6:5, 6

Picture-Capture of Pope

Picture-Capture of Pope Pius VI in 1798

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