Featured Publications

Featured Publications

7 Reasons Why I Am a Vegetarian

Spanish title:
7 Razones por las cuales Soy Vegetariano

This small book contains solid facts, statistics, examples, and good reasons for deciding to change to a plant-based diet.

From the introduction: "Whether you subscribe to a creationist or evolutionist viewpoint, vegetarianism is as old as humanity. Theologians tell us that Adam and Eve were vegetarians from day one. In India, many have followed a vegetarian lifestyle for millennia." 

Paperback, color illustrations, 44 pages.

By Idel Suarez, Jr., Ph.D.


Urban Missionary

In this book, the late Dorothy Demarest relates missionary experiences made in the 1970s in several cities of the United States. Some stories are sad, others are amusing, and all are very personal and inspiring. Told from a missionary's perspective, they show clearly how the missionary work can have a major impact on the lives of those who open the doors!

From page 10: "I began my work going door to door–as an urban missionary. My mission was to bring to each person who would answer the knock on his or her door the hope that is for everyone. If they did not desire any literature or further discussion, I went on my way to the next door. If they needed help physically or mentally, then I would see that they got help. If they desired to search further and find the strength that only God can give, then I was there to study the Scriptures with them. This was all done as a volunteer."

By Dorothy Demarest (1917-2004)



Featured magazines

Amazing Prophecies

Spanish title:
Asombrosas Profecías

This magazine contains explanations of the prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation that are easy to understand. Illustrated, 80 pages.


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